Video: how Oman’s strategic location creates business opportunities.

Oman offers an excellent environment for business.

Political and economic stability, combined with an excellent location, a favourable regulatory framework and outstanding human resources make it a truly attractive prospect for those seeking business and investment opportunities.

The Foreign Ministry works with other Omani ministries and government agencies to promote trade with Oman and investment in the country.

It sees this as one of its most important responsibilities.


Oman’s longstanding foreign policy of quiet diplomacy based on dialogue and avoiding confrontation have helped sustain balanced relations with all its regional neighbours and beyond.

The security and stability that Oman offers means the business community can have sustained confidence now and in the future.


Oman also offers unique advantages thanks to its location. Oman is a Gulf state, but its deep-water ports also allow it to trade right across the Indian Ocean, connecting Asia to the Middle East and the Middle East to Africa.

Its oceanic ports at Salalah and Sohar, and now also at the new port and free zone of Duqm, mean Oman offers a secure, stable and well-resourced base for truly global operations and logistics.

In addition, the Sultanate is perfectly positioned for the future, as new North South trade routes are developed.

Growth potential

Oman’s unique geography and welcoming culture, combined with a near perfect winter climate, offer rich opportunities in tourism and hospitality. Other sectors like aquaculture, renewable energy and mineral extraction and refining offer great potential.

And Oman can offer outstanding human resources. The Sultanate has a multilingual workforce, with each generation of school leavers and college graduates demonstrating greater capacities in terms of knowledge and skills.

Favourable regulations

It is a fundamental principle of the Basic Law of Oman that individual people and companies should be able to do business with the full cooperation of the state, with private sector control of operations, assets and investments.

Corporation tax is at a flat 15% (with even more favourable terms in Special Economic Zones). New laws governing Foreign Direct Investment allow 100% foreign ownership.

The Foreign Ministry, along with other government ministries and authorities like the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion and the Oman Investment Authority are here to make the process of setting up business in Oman as friendly as possible.

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