The Sultanate of Oman has ratified many international treaties and signed up to a wide variety of conventions and agreements.

This is a direct result of Oman’s commitment to an internationalist outlook and to working in cooperation with other states, as well as regional and international bodies, to promote, peace, security and prosperity.

The Foreign Ministry monitors and manages all Oman’s engagements in the following areas:

  • Cooperation Council for Arab Gulf States (GCC)
  • The League of Arab States
  • International Organisations
  • Disarmament
  • Human Rights
  • Trafficking in Persons (TIP)
  • The Fight against Terrorism
  • The Fight against Drug Abuse
  • Education, Culture and Science
  • Environment and Pollution
  • The Law of the Sea
  • Air Transport
  • Communications
  • Sport

Details of Omans partnerships in each of these areas can be found here on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.