Oman was one of the few countries in the world free from terrorism in 2019, according to a major international study.

The Global Peace Index 2020 assigns each country a score between zero and 10. A score of zero indicates a country that is not affected by terrorism at all. Countries with a score of 10 are the most affected by terrorism.

Oman scored zero.

The report ranks the Sultanate as the country least exposed to terrorist attacks in the Middle East and North Africa

The report from the Institute of Economics and Peace, based in Sydney Australia, says that 63 countries witnessed at least one terrorist attack in 2019. The worst-hit region of the world was Sub-Saharan Africa. North American and European countries saw a sharp rise in the number of victims of terrorism in 2019.

Worldwide the total number of victims for 2019 is calculated at 13,826 – a 15% decrease from 2018. The cost of terrorism for 2019 is estimated at US$ 26.4 billion, a fall of 25% from 2018.

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