The Omani embassy in Paris
The Omani embassy in Paris

Oman’s embassies around the world have several important tasks. First and foremost they are the main contact point for day to day management of Oman’s relations with countries with which Oman maintains diplomatic relations.

They handle a wide range of important protocol functions, especially in relation to ministerial and other high-level visits.

They also provide services for Omanis abroad, and for foreigners wishing to visit Oman.

Services to Omani nationals are provided on the basis that an Omani Embassy is sovereign Omani territory, wherever it is in the world, and Omani citizens are entitled to the full protection of Omani law.

Oman’s embassies also maintain a consular function, with the task of processing numerous consular services including handling visa applications for people visiting Oman.

Omani representation abroad

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Foreign representation in Oman

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