The essential mission of the Foreign Ministry, as set out in the Basic Statute of the State (Oman’s constitution), rests on certain key principles:

  • To preserve and protect the Sultanate and maintain its independence and sovereignty.
  • To reaffirm ties of friendship and strengthen the bonds of cooperation with all peoples and all nations on the basis of mutual respect, mutual benefit and non-interference in internal affairs.
  • To respect international conventions and regional treaties and to recognise the rule of law internationally.

More generally, the Foreign Ministry strives to develop and strengthen the Sultanate’s foreign relations in line with the directives of His Majesty the Sultan and His Majesty’s Government.


The Foreign Ministry is responsible for cultivating the Sultanate’s diplomatic relations and managing all its foreign affairs.

It establishes diplomatic relations with countries and organisations across the world. It participates actively in bilateral and multilateral meetings and organisations, providing instructions and authority to Omani delegates to take part in international conferences and ratify international conventions, in accordance with procedures determined by law.

It is charged with building strong, friendly relations between Oman and countries across the world. It strives to serve the cause of international peace, security and economic development, by encouraging countries to resolve disputes through peaceful means based on constructive cooperation and understanding.


The Foreign Ministry sets up and runs diplomatic missions across the world. It trains Omani diplomats in the Diplomatic Institute in Muscat and issues diplomatic, special and service passports in line with the Diplomatic Code.

The Ministry also looks after the interests of Omani citizens while abroad, providing consular help when needed. This sometimes involves authenticating documents issued by Omani institutions or other institutions abroad and via the Sultanate’s accredited missions. It also provides Civil Registry functions abroad through Oman’s missions.


Working with other Omani ministries and institutions the Foreign Ministry promotes international trade with and investment in Oman.

It also works with other ministries to promote economic, technical, scientific, cultural and educational cooperation with other countries.

Foreign expertise

The Ministry acts as the lead body on all matters relating to foreign affairs and international relations. It is the official Government channel for international communications. Working in coordination with the relevant Ministries, it formulates and communicates the Sultanate’s official position on political and foreign issues.

It monitors international events to keep the Government and ministries informed on the latest developments as well as the state of Oman’s relations with other countries and regional and international organisations. It makes sure that the correct Royal Decrees are issued to join international agreements and participate in international bodies.

The Foreign Ministry also has certain responsibilities within Oman. It supervises the Sultanate’s accredited diplomatic missions and runs the Diplomatic Club. It also regulates committees or associations of friendship with other countries.