lost passport
Oman’s embassies can help if you lose your passport.

The Foreign Ministry of the Sultanate of Oman offers services to help Omani citizens while abroad, if their passport is lost, stolen or damaged, or if their passport has expired.

The Ministry and its embassies and consulates abroad also offer services to provide travel documents for new-born babies, born abroad to Omani parents allowing them to return to Oman.

These services involve the issuing of a special travel permit called a Laissez Passer.

The Laissez Passer is a travel permit document issued by Omani Missions. It can be used for a one-time journey only to reach Oman from the country Omani citizens are visiting or where they live.

Requesting a Laissez Passer

To request a Laissez Passer, Omani citizens should contact the nearest Omani Mission (Embassies, Consulates or Honorary Consulates) for help.

You can find more information about Oman’s missions abroad here.

They can also contact the Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department directly where advice will be given on the nearest Mission to approach. They can also contact the Ministry through their families in Oman.

Citizens requesting a Laissez Passer need to fill out and sign an application form. They must also provide

  • An official police report for lost, stolen or damaged passports
  • A copy of their National ID card
  • A copy of their passport (if available)
  • A recent photograph.

For travel permits for new-born babies, applicants must provide:

  • An attested, official birth certificate
  • Copies of both parents’ passports
  • Copies of both parents’ ID cards.

Depending on the situation, applicants may also have to provide a marriage certificate and Ministry of Interior certificate for marriage to non-Omanis.

It is also recommended that applicants inform the mission of the expected travel dates and route of travel back to Oman.

Expired passports

In the case of expired passports, a Laissez Passer (travel permit) is only issued in an emergency, at the discretion of the Omani Embassy or Consulate abroad. This will generally only be provided to citizens who have an urgent need to travel back to Oman and so do not have the time for their new passport to be issued in Muscat and then sent to them.