Flag of Oman


2020-12-22T11:00:25+00:0028 October 2020|

Solar energy is a growing sector in Oman's economy. [...]

Oman by region

2020-11-26T12:18:34+00:0011 September 2020|

Oman encompasses 11 Governorates (Muhafazah). Each Governorate includes several [...]


2020-11-17T15:01:15+00:007 October 2020|

The story of the development of modern Oman goes [...]


2020-11-17T11:33:01+00:007 October 2020|

The Rub’ Al Khali, or Empty Quarter, in the [...]

Head of State

2020-11-17T11:23:23+00:007 October 2020|

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, the Sultan of [...]

Key facts

2020-11-13T08:56:39+00:007 October 2020|

The Omani Rial is the currency of Oman. There [...]

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