majlis a'dawla
Majlis A’Dawla amends and approves draft laws.

Majlis A’Dawla (the State Council) consists of a president and members, appointed for four-year terms by Royal Decree. The total number of members, including the president, must not exceed the number of members of the Shura Council.


Under the Oman Council Law promulgated by Royal Decree No. 7/2021, the State Council, studies and discusses issues related to the implementation of development plans and presents its proposals on these to the Government.

It may also submit proposals and studies that contribute to consolidating the values of Omani society and preserve its achievements.


Majlis A’Dawla is responsible for approving or amending draft laws sent to it from the lower house, Majlis A’Shura, before submitting them to His Majesty the Sultan.

It may also propose draft laws to the Government for study before they are passed to the Majlis A’Shura for consideration.

Majlis A’Dawla also plays an important role in the review of Oman’s annual budget.


The 85 members of Majlis A’Dawla, both men and women, are chosen from Omani citizens who have spent long years in service of the state, from those who have performed great services to the country, and from those who are known for their competence and experience in the fields of science, literature and culture.

Such figures include professors of universities, colleges and institutes of higher education, notables and business leaders, as well as figures from other groups whom the Sultan chooses.