Council of Ministers 2020
Sultan Haitham bin Tarik meets with his Council of Ministers.


The Council of Ministers is the body responsible for shaping and implementing the policies of the State. It is the chief executive body of the Sultanate of Oman.

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik is the Prime Minister and presides over meetings of the Council of Ministers.

The Council of Ministers submits recommendations to His Majesty the Sultan on economic, social and administrative matters including proposing draft laws and decrees.


Following decrees issued in August 2020 by His Majesty Sultan Haitham, there are 27 members of the Council of Ministers. They include three women.

For the full list of Ministers click here.

In August 2020 His Majesty Sultan Haitham also issued decrees that restructured the Government, reducing the number of Ministries and streamlining their functions. The decrees also introduced changes in various other public authorities, including the creation of a unit to follow up on the implementation of the Oman 2040 Vision.